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The KAMEL Club - new rewards program

The KAMEL Club - a rewards program for handcrafted camel leather goods
We're excited to announce a new rewards program at! We call it the KAMEL Club. Instead of earning points, you accumulate camels. As your herd of camels grows, trade them in the online shop for our beautiful, handcrafted camel leather goods. They're as good as cash (100 camels = $1).

It's simple:
  1. You'll earn 300 camels when you sign up.
  2. You can earn oodles more camels when you refer your friends.
    • When your friends make their first purchase, you'll earn 10 camels for every $1 they spend.
It's a great way to treat yourself and your friends to some camel leather love! Please join, spread the word, and start raising your own herd of camels!

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