What are people saying about our leather bookmark design?

We are collaborating this week with Alison, a book reviewer over at @crimeofrhyme, to sponsor a bookmark giveaway. Here is what she has to say about them after trying one out:

camel leather bookmark corner - photo by @crimeofrhymeIf you guys haven't seen these bookmarks before, you'll want to read this caption! @the.kamel is a business in California run by Paul who creates hand-stitched ethically-sourced camel leather bookmarks. Now, I know what you're probably thinking - what makes this bookmark different from all other bookmarks? Weellll I'm glad you asked. These have got to me the sleekest, classiest, and also softest-to-the-touch bookmarks I've ever owned. The way that the leather is processed in arid environments has actually been declared by UNESCO to positively combat desertification!
I love how these bookmarks have been very smartly designed so that you still have a thumb flap to flip the page, and when closed, it peeks out of the book and looks gorgeous.

If you would like a chance to win one of these, you still have time! Entry is open until Sunday, February 19th. You can enter here: link.

camel leather bookmark corner - photo by @crimeofrhyme

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