Every product is made-to-order.
We care about how our materials are made and sourced.
The process is as important as the product.
Every stitch is made by hand using the traditional saddle stitch, which is more durable than the machine-made lock stitch.

SAFAR VOYAGER Notebook Cover

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The Artist Collection

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Handstitched Tote


What are people saying...


"Excellent all Around"

"My order was packaged in a manner that was luxurious and great to direct gift to someone. The Camel leather bookmark is so easy to use allowing me to go right to the page I left off. It stays well and is a classy edition to my book reading. This bookmark is unique and well built."

-Jeannine D.

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"not only practical but stylish"

"For everyone who picks a book, this bookmark is not only practical but stylish and it makes it fun picking from where you left reading."

-Kevin K.

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