Handmade Leather Key Bell

Handmade Leather Key Bell

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This key bell design keeps your keys together while keeping them from scratching/poking yourself or other things (depending on if you keep your keys in your pocket or in your bag.

A solid iron split keyring is held by a leather strap. The strap is extended to use the keys, or pull it out and snap it on the solid brass snap to hold the keys inside the bell. The camel leather is a very soft and smooth black.

The seams have been reinforced with leather piping, which also gives it a sleek look. 

  • Leather: camel leather
  • Snap closure: solid brass (nickel-plated)
  • Split keyring: solid iron
  • Size: about 2.5 W" at the top; 4" W at the bottom; 4" H

This item is shipped in special, complimentary, gift-ready packaging.


Each piece is made by hand - variations in color and style may occur.

Full grain camel leather - each hide may vary slightly in color and markings. 

Why camel leather?
The camel leather we use is ethically-sourced and chemical-free. Up to 80% of the water used in the tanning process is recycled, and the waste is composted. Our choice to use camel leather is intentional as they require up to 40X less water than cows, which significantly reduces their impact on the environment. Camel leather is up to 3X stronger than cow leather, and much softer. 

All of our designs are completely made by hand without machines in our workshop in California.



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